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Hong Kong Maritime Week 2018 Moot Arbitrations successfully held at the Hong Kong Law Center

Source:China Maritime Arbitration Commission Time:2018-11-23 16:48:05

As the largest special meeting on maritime dispute resolution among more than 50 maritime activities in Hong Kong Maritime week 2018, on November 23, 2018, Hong Kong Maritime Week 2018 Moot Arbitrations was successfully held in Hong Kong Law Center.

The conference was jointly organized by the Hong Kong Arbitration Center of the China Maritime Arbitration Commission, the Hong Kong Department of Justice, the Hong Kong Maritime Law Association, the Hong Kong Institute of arbitration, the Hong Kong Maritime Arbitration Association and the British Chartered Arbitrators (East Asia Branch). More than 100 experts in the field of maritime law and dispute resolution attended and warmly discussed the simulated arbitration cases.

Ms. Ruohua Zheng, director of the Hong Kong Department of Justice, made a keynote speech for the Moot Arbitration demonstration. Director Zheng showed the participants the advantages of Hong Kong as a maritime and shipping dispute settlement center, and expressed her high affirmation for the joint holding of maritime simulation arbitration in Hong Kong by the Hong Kong Maritime Dispute Resolution agency. Director Zheng also briefed participants on Hong Kong's attempts and achievements in using high-tech assistance in handling commercial arbitration and mediation.

This Moot arbitration demonstration consisted of three Moot arbitration tribunals. It showed three distinctive trial links: objection to jurisdiction, interim measures and witness cross examination.

In the first Moot arbitration tribunal, Mr. Lianjun Li, partner of Reed Smith Richards Butler law firm, served as the sole arbitrator. Mr. Liu Yang, legal director of hill Dickinson law firm, and Ms. Timmy Lam served as the applicant, while Mr. Min Li, partner of Reed Smith Richards Butler law firm, and Donald sham, senior lawyer, served as the respondent to debate on the jurisdiction of the arbitration tribunal for the application of the new maritime arbitration rules implemented from October 1, 2018.

In the second Moot arbitration tribunal, Prince's chamber barrister Edward Alder served as the sole arbitrator. Stella Hu, senior lawyer of Herbert Smith Freehills law firm, served as the applicant, and James McKenzie, senior lawyer of King & Wood Mallesons law firm, served as the respondent to state their opinions on whether the arbitration tribunal should make interim measures to sell the goods of the ship involved.

The third Moot arbitration tribunal was conducted by independent arbitrators Danny Mok and Valerie Li, a lawyer at DLA Piper law firm. Mr. Andrew chin, a lawyer at DLA Piper law firm, and Ms. Tereza Gao, served as the attorney in court. Mr. Edison Li and Mr. Samuel Li, lawyers at DLA Piper, are witnesses. The two parties cross examine witness testimony to be heard in the charter party regarding the determination of fundamental breach of contract.

Mary Thomson, chairman of the British Chartered Arbitrators (East Asia Branch), presided over the meeting.


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