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China Maritime Arbitration Commission delegation visit Mexico

Source:China Maritime Arbitration Commission Time:2018-11-29 16:55:30

From November 29 to December 1, 2018, a 9-member China Maritime Arbitration Commission (CMAC) delegation composed of staff and arbitrators of CMAC arrived in Mexico City, the capital of Mexico, visited local Chinese enterprises, arbitration institutions and law firms, and introduced the new development of CMAC and the characteristics and advantages of China Maritime Arbitration; promote the application of China Maritime Arbitration by Chinese enterprises and lawyers in Mexico; understand the relevant laws and practices of arbitration and mediation in Mexico, and advocate the establishment of friendly and cooperative relations with Mexican arbitration institutions.

The person in charge of the marketing department of COSCO Shipping (Mexico) Co., Ltd. introduced the business development and development prospects of the company to the delegation, and exchanged information and issues related to the company's contract management and dispute resolution with the delegation.

The Secretary General of the Mexican Arbitration Center (CAM) briefed the delegation on the history and business development of the institution, the characteristics of the rules, and the support and supervision of the Mexican courts for arbitration. The two sides also reached a preliminary consensus on cooperation in mutual recommendation of arbitrators, joint promotion of arbitration and mutual provision of hearing facilities and services.

Accompanied by Mr. Zhang Chunsheng, Chief Representative of the representative office of CCPIT in Mexico, the delegation visited the Mexico branch of DLA Piper law firm. The two sides had full exchanges on China Mexico maritime law and arbitration law, maritime arbitration related practice, acquisition of lawyer qualification and personnel training of maritime higher education.

This visit to Mexico is a concrete embodiment of CMAC's task of "going out" of China maritime arbitration services. The exchange and communication has broadened the understanding of Mexican arbitration legislation and practice, which is helpful for Chinese arbitration to learn from the practical experience of international arbitration; It has deepened the understanding of Mexican enterprises, arbitration institutions, arbitrators and lawyers about Chinese arbitration; it has deepened the understanding of Mexican enterprises, arbitration institutions, arbitrators and lawyers about Chinese arbitration; It shows the achievements of China's maritime arbitration; it will help to create a better image of China's maritime arbitration and help build the brand effect of China's maritime arbitration on One Belt, One Road.


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