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CMAC attends Seminar on CSR and Codes of Business Ethics in International Supply Chain Arbitration

Source:China Maritime Arbitration Commission Time:2021-04-28 14:48:04

On April 28, 2021, it was held online that the CSR and Codes of Business Ethics in International Supply Chain Arbitration Seminar, hosted by the Asian Institute for Multiple Dispute Resolution (AIADR for short) and Shanghai University of Political Science and Law, sponsored by China Maritime Arbitration Commission (CMAC for short) and Beijing Zhizhong Technology Co., Ltd.. It attended the Seminar that Dr. Li Hu, deputy director of CMAC, Dr. Adolf Peter, Professor of Shanghai University of Political Science and Law, Peter Ashford, partner of fox William LLP, Sundra Rajoo, President of AIADR, Dr. Markus P. Beham, assistant professor of Pasao University, Ezra Mitchell Wasserman, Professor of Shanghai University of politics and law, and Michelle Xu, partner of Beijing Normal law firm. Speakers made a comparative analysis of the relevant international supply chain arbitration laws and arbitration practices in different regions of the world, such as China, the United States, the United States, the UK and Australia, and conducted in-depth discussions. The meeting was chaired by Jay Patrick R. Santiago, senior partner at the Quisimbing Torres Dispute Resolution Center.

Dr. Li Hu made a speech on the topic of Consolidation of Arbitrations under the Rules of CMAC. He explained the rules and practice of consolidation of arbitrations under the rules of CMAC in detail. He deemed that it was easier to realize consolidation of arbitrations in the early stage of arbitration procedure; The contents of the arbitration agreements shall be the identical or compatible and binding on the parties; The so-called "legal relationship of the same nature" needs to be defined in combination with the specific case situation; Where there are multiple parties involved, it shall be clear that the joint applicant and the joint respondent, or the applicant or the respondent; In practice, the relationship between the subject and the subordinate contract should be defined scientifically; The composition of the arbitration tribunal for the case to be consolidated shall be the same; In any case, if the parties agree, the consolidation of arbitrations can be realized.

CMAC will continue to optimize the arbitration service to provide legal guarantee for the healthy and stable development of the international supply chain.


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